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Christian fairytale book for girls

How do you help girls understand their purpose? 

Or to develop an identity, self-worth, and self-confidence based on Jesus? 

Or inspire them to live out their faith?


By writing a book that will do all these things! Luisa is a former pre-K Sunday school teacher, youth leader, and has developed her own curriculums for mother-daughter Bible studies. With this experience and the inspiration of her own two daughters, Luisa wrote and illustrated a book to help girls understand who God made them to be.

The target age range is 5 to 9 year-olds, but it will appeal to younger and older as well. To learn more on why Parents, Kids, and Churches will love this book, click here

Five star book

Five Star Reviews on AMAZON!

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Why You Will Love This Book

SELF IDENTITY ROOTED IN CHRIST: It is important that girls grow to have a strong sense of identity and purpose rooted in Christ. “A Royal Mission” was created with that purpose in mind. Through striking illustrations and a captivating plot, girls learn about their God-given purpose, how much they are loved, and what it means to serve the King.

PERSONALIZATION: In this children’s book, the reader has the chance to become part of the story. She is asked to insert her name into the pages of the book, making her the protagonist. 

THE PLOT: Her journey begins in a perfect kingdom as a beautiful princess, but she is soon interrupted by a messenger from the King’s court who tells her the King wishes to see her. Upon arriving at the palace, the King tasks her with an important mission to a lost world and explains the difficulties she will encounter. The story then weaves through images of her life in the lost world, the details of her mission, and the circumstances of her return to paradise. It is only at the end that girls learn that this loving, powerful King is Jesus. 

A “FAIRYTALE” ROOTED IN THE GOSPEL: Little girls dream of kings, queens, and princesses in faraway lands and this book uses that to help girls understand who Jesus is. “A Royal Mission, therefore, portrays Jesus as a regal and powerful King reminiscent of modern-day fairytales, but with the gospel message at its core. It is a book that captures little girls’ hearts and helps them see Jesus for who He is, the King of kings. This allegorical story will help budding princesses understand their role and purpose in God’s overarching plan. It is beloved by children and parents alike. It is also an ideal book to introduce girls to Jesus for the first time. 

CULTURAL DIVERSITY: As a Hispanic woman, the author was intentional in illustrating characters that would reflect people of various racial backgrounds. Her desire is that girls, regardless of their background, could see themselves in the story and know how truly special they are to the King. 

ENGAGEMENT: The book also includes discussion questions at the end to help girls make the connection between this story and the Biblical record.

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What People Are Saying

“I bought this book for my oldest daughter, a very faithful, strong girl. She absolutely adored it! She felt empowered by the Princess in the story, and immediately connected the Princesses Journey to her own journey as a Christian. It is beautifully written and amazingly illustrated! We have read it multiple times, and my younger daughter has asked for her own copy which I’ll be ordering soon!!!”

 -Diana, Doylestown, PA

“This kids book is amazing! It can relate to what we all are called to do for the kingdom of God. This would be perfect for preschool, middle school, high school and adults. It even spoke to me”

-Sudamy, Plantation, FL

“This book helped my child learn the importance of making good choices throughout her young life, knowing that they are the only one who can make that choice. I would definitely recommend this book for young children so that they can understand that choices in life are not always going to be easy, but with God’s guidance they will be victorious.”

Ivette, Orlando, FL

“This is one of the best Christian children’s books I ever got. I bought five for my grandchildren. The story is amazing, very inspiring for today’s young girls. And all the drawings are so vivid that makes you really feel you are inside the story. I love the idea that the girls can personalize the books for themselves. I highly recommend it.”

-Lucy, Laredo, TX

“A wonderful and clear illustration of the Gospel for written for children, especially girls, and great for anyone – including adults! For all of us!”

-Lorraine, Dublin, PA

“It is an admirable Christian allegory portraying the choices believers must make to be in the world and not of the world. The book allows for the name your young girl in different places, so your child becomes the princess in the story…………….It is an inclusive book where the artwork can be seen and identified with by people with a variety of skin colors. It is empowering for the young girl, who while timid or lacking confidence, who finds her strength in fellowship with the King who never leaves her nor forsakes her.”

-Chuck and Janet Botson, Perkasie, PA

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