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Book "Holy Boundaries: Sexuality Bible Study for Teens and Parents" on messy desk

Holy Boundaries: Sexuality Bible Study for Teens and Parents

The current culture is certainly setting the tone on the topic of sexuality. Parents are often hesitant to talk to their kids about these topics because they may not know what to say? This Bible study was designed to help parents have those difficult conversations with their teens through scripture. There is no better way to address the culture than by letting God’s Word do the talking.

A Comprehensive Bible Study on Sexuality


If a teen expresses support for the LGBTQ community or expresses indifference to God’s boundaries on sex, it is tempting to get defensive or lash back at their statements. However, in most cases, kids follow the culture because they generally have a lack of understanding of why God created boundaries, on their true identity, and God’s love for them.

This Bible study starts with identity and establishing God’s love before it moves into the more difficult subjects of sex, homosexuality, and transgenderism. It also provides a biblical guide to helping teens (or adults for that matter) deal with temptation and their own sin nature all through the eyes of scripture.


About the Book

The book is designed to help teens look into the scriptures themselves and ponder over the Bible verses they read.

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Page 62 from book Holy Boundaries, Sexuality Bible Study on wood desktop.

Tips for Parents on Introducing the Book

The idea of doing a Bible study with your mom or dad can be mortifying for teens. Here are a few tips for success!

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