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Gods masterpiece journal gift for women

God’s Masterpiece Journal

A beautiful way to remember that we are indeed God’s Masterpiece!

In Ephesians 6:10, the Bible tells us that we are his masterpiece. Interestingly, enough, the verse is not referring to initial creation but to our new birth in Christ. For a more detailed view on its meaning read, “Gods Masterpiece in Ephesians 2:10.”

The design of this journal was inspired by this beautiful verse.

7 x 10 Lined Journal

Your purchase will support other Christian ministries. Find out more here!

The God’s Masterpice journal is lined with cream pages and available in both a 100 and 200 page version. Our current version is paperback, but a hardback version will be coming soon. The inside has Bible verses every few pages to help prompt, encourage and inspire. All our journals and notebooks are available via Amazon.


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