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Christian book on puberty

Preparing Our Daughters for Puberty

In a world where kids are starting puberty at younger ages, helping them navigate this awkward stage through a Biblical perspective. With public schools offering health classes on puberty, wouldn’t it be great to have a resource to help parents introduce the topic at home?

In this mother-daughter Bible study, mothers are able to guide their girls ages 8-11 into puberty using biblical principles. It does use correct biological names for body parts and provides illustrations of the reproductive organs. The book provides a spiritual foundation coupled with accurate biological information, but it has one additional purpose: to help girls develop a positive view of themselves and their bodies. Scripture is woven into every lesson.

preparing girls for puberty

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In full disclosure, Lesson 6 includes the topic of sex from a Biblical perspective. The book study is designed so that you can exclude Lesson 6 if that is your preference. Each lesson includes discussion questions and a craft suggestion. Illustrations are provided as a reference both for the study material and the crafts as needed. 

If you are a single dad, Sunday school teacher, know that you can use this study too!

The lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1: Created in His Image — The eBook begins by setting the foundation of how girls should view their bodies which is rooted in Genesis 1:27. The lesson is focused on the discussion on what it means to be created in God’s image and how that affects how we view ourselves. 

Lesson 2: Woven and Knit Together — This lesson continues the message from Lesson one to help girls understand the care with which God created them. It also introduces the concept of DNA.

Lesson 3: Be Fruitful and Multiply — In this lesson, we introduce the female reproductive organs and their God-given purpose. The lesson uses the correct biological names as well as illustrations where needed. 

Lesson 4: Your Changing Body (Puberty) — Here, the girls begin to learn why their bodies change, how it is connected to the reproductive organs, and what changes they are to expect such as hair growth, breast development, mood swings, etc.

Lesson 5: Menstruation — The discussion on menstruation needed a lesson all on its own. The girls learn the biological reasons for menstruation, what to do when they first get their period, and how to manage it once they do. 

Lesson 6: Becoming One Flesh — Sex is introduced into this lesson. Girls learn about the boy’s reproductive organs, the basic biology behind sex, and God’s boundaries for it.  

Lesson 7: Be the Temple — In this lesson girls learn the importance of taking care of their bodies and practical ways to do so.

Lesson 8: Bearing His Image — The eBook finishes with a discussion that as their bodies change, they must also seek to grow in maturity and bear the image of God.

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