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ezer sermon notebook

Ezer Sermon Notebook

Notebooks for the Christian woman! 

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What does it mean to be an “ezer“? “Ezer” is the transliterated Hebrew word for the phrase “help meet.” The word is mostly used to describe God as a helper to His people. God is an “ezer.” But there is another use that is often overlooked. And that is to describe a wife’s role vis-à-vis her husband. A wife is an “ezer” to her husband.

This sermon notebook was designed to remind us that as women we are ezers, but we also depend on the true helper, our God.

Ezer sermon notebook

6 x 9 Notebook, 104 Pages

This Sermon Notebook can be used to take notes during church service. It is organized into two pages with sections for the Date, Title, Speaker, Key Themes, Key Scriptures, Daily Applications, and Additional Notes. This will allow you to refer
back to previous sermons by having them all organized into one notebook! It covers 52 weeks of sermons (a whole year). The 6 x 9 size allows it to fit in a purse. It also has a gorgeous matte finish! Order on Amazon by clicking the link below.