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christian book on puberty for tweens on puberty

Christian Book on Puberty

Why do we need a Christian book on puberty? Especially one for tweens? Is it not a little to early to be having that conversation? And do we really need a book to help explain to basics of puberty to tween girls?

Why We Need A Christian Book on Puberty

Years ago when I was an eleven-year-old girl, I got my period for the very first time. Luckily, I had older sisters so I knew what it was but there was a lot more going on with my body that I didn’t understand. I wish someone had taken the time to explain it to me and help walk alongside me during this very awkward stage.

In today’s age, it is even more important that young girls have this conversation early. In my blog Why Christian Parents Should Have “The Talk” Early? on my biblical womanhood website I lay out all the reasons why. Without rehashing everything I say
there, I will summarize it this way.  The world is finding ways and trying very hard to “educate” our girls in ways completely contrary to God’s word. Especially when it comes to our body. So if we don’t educate our girls, the world definitely will!

There is a lot more to puberty than just your period. There is so much going on with a girls body that can be confusing, scary, and uncomfortable. Underneath the physical changes, there are a lot of emotional changes that happen as well. So it is important that we address those changes from a biblical perspective and making the connection between the Bible and puberty is hard. That is why a christian book on puberty or another guided resource is helpful to parents.

Think 8-11 years is too early? Read, Why Christian Parents Should Have “The Talk” Early?

Why I Wrote My Own Christian Book on Puberty

As a parent who needed this kind of resource, I realized it was not as easy to find as I thought. Honestly, it was hard for me to find a Christian book on puberty that I liked
so I wrote my own. I designed it so that I could go through it with my tween. I didn’t want something I could just give to her to read. I wanted to be there with her but have something as a guide so I didn’t miss out on important information.

More importantly, I wanted to make sure that my girls learned the biblical concepts on body image, being good stewards of our bodies in addition to all the biological information. In this book I weave the spiritual lessons with the Biblical principals.

A Christian Book on Puberty with Craft Ideas

While teaching my own girls, and working with other youth, I realized that crafts are a great way to end a lesson. If the craft is related to the topic, it helps cement that idea into their minds and hearts. Therefore, at the end of each lesson, I give an idea for craft and provide printable resources for the craft when necessary. It is a great way to make such an uncomfortable topic fun and it is even better when you make it into a group activity!

Chrsitain book for tweens on puberty inside page

To learn more about this book feel free to visit my informational page on this Christian book on puberty or hit the “order now” button below for the sales page. 

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