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Image of a book with words, "Jesus and Empowered Women, A 5 Week Bible Study," for a Jesus and Women BIble Study

Jesus Empowered Women Bible Study

The basic human rights enjoyed by women in the Western World can be attributed to the spread of Christianity. Jesus set the standard for how women should be treated over two millennia ago. In this Jesus and women Bible study, you will explore several accounts in the gospels were Jesus interacted with women by digging into the scriptures but also studying the historical and cultural contexts.

My Philosophy on Bible Studies

Like all my other studies, the Jesus Empowered Women study is designed to help you form your own conclusions, so always start asking the Holy Spirit to guide you. There are sections where I will provide greater historical, cultural, and biblical context, but I do believe that God created you to read and understand His Word. We can all be theologians. If you feel like you do not know the answer to a question, that is okay. If you came to a different conclusion, that is okay too. I may be the one who is wrong!!

I do provide tools such as charts and maps throughout the study to help you frame your analysis. And I do frame questions to help you consider angles you may not have thought of while reading the material.

There are few study principles I follow that helped me put this study together (and pray you will follow them too).

  • Let the easy-to-understand scriptures help explain more difficult verses.
  • Historical, cultural, and biblical context matters.
  • Don’t put your thoughts into the scriptures, let the scriptures reframe your thoughts.

About this Jesus and Women Bible Study

This is a digital book available as a PDF and available for purchase on Etsy. You can print one lesson at a time as you need it. Many of my loyal readers will print the studies and put them in binders.

The study can be used alongside the articles on the topic found on “The Beautiful Truth About Jesus and Women.”

Topics Covered

The Jesus and women Bible study begins with an exploration into the common view and treatment of women during the Intertestamental Period that helps provide context to Jesus’ interactions with women. It then explores four case studies.

Page out of the book "Jesus empowers women."
Page with a map of Israel out of the book "Jesus Empowers Women."

About the Author:

Luisa Rodriguez is a military wife and a mom to two girls. She is the creator and writer of FruitfullyLiving.com and FruitfullyWomen.com, websites designed to help women understand their God-given roles and purpose according to the scriptures. She is also the creator and writer of BiblicalWarfare.com where the reader can learn about the Bible’s battles and warriors.

Luisa authored A Royal Mission, a Christian fairytale that teaches young girls about identity and purpose and Preparing Our Daughters for Puberty, a mother-daughter Bible study. She is also the creator and designer of numerous notebooks and journals.

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