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Image of Psalm 77 journal on top of light blue background.

Psalm 77 Journal

Psalm 77 is a psalm of Asaph, a prophet and worship leader in David’s kingdom. This Psalm begins with a tone of desperation, but ends with praises to the Lord. This journal will walk you through the Psalm verse by verse and encourage you to journal as you meditate through these scriptures. While this type of journaling and meditation will be beneficial for anyone who wants to grow spiritually, the nature of the Psalm could be particularly healing for someone going through a difficult time such as a personal loss or grief.

A Lection Divina Journal

This is a guided journal and each verse of Psalm 77 serves as a prompt. It is loosely based on lectio divina form of meditative prayer that will help you truly engage God as you read each scripture.

Image of inside sheet of Psalm 77 Journal with instructions on how to use the journal
Image of inside sheet of prayer journal that shows the Bible verse on top followed by lines for writing.

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